Are you interested in selling the jewellery and accessories of Essentialistics in your store or webshop?

I’m always looking for new points of sale. So if you’re interested, I would love to come in contact with you.

You can shop the jewellery and accessories of Essentialistics that are available for wholesale at the platform of Orderchamp. This is an online wholesale platform. You need to register on this platform, and after that, you can view and shop the products. 

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If you need more information or if you still have any questions, you can fill in the form or send an e-mail to suzanne@essentialistics.com.

More than 50 (web)shops already sell the jewellery and accessories of Essentialistics!

Are you curious what they say about the sale of the items and the collaboration with Essentialistics?

Review - Brow & Beauty Bar



We have the Essentialistics jewellery line at the Brow & Beauty Bar in Den Bosch for several months. Besides that it’s presented in a nice way, we notice that the jewellery sells itself. They’re well priced and you can combine the several items easily with each other. We’re very happy with this addition!




The jewellery is beautiful, diverse and of good quality. Whether you want to wear a single item or are looking for several pieces of jewellery, everything can be matched with each other! This allows our customers to really find their own style in the Essentialistics collection. Therefore, this collection is a reason for them to stop by regularly when they’re looking for a present for themselves or someone else.

Review - TrendJetter



We’re very enthusiastic about the collection of Essentialistics. It’s a nice and extensive collection in gold and silver coloured jewellery of a good quality. The minimalistic earrings are real musthaves! The price-quality ratio is very good, making the jewellery and accessories for everyone’s budget and therefore very popular. The collaboration with Suzanne is very pleasant. She is very professional with her company, which you can see in her collection and in the details of, for example, her renewed displays. TrendJetter and Essentialistics are therefore a Perfect Match and we hope to enjoy the collection in our store for a long time to come.