The best birthday gifts for someone you don’t know very well

Birthday gifts

Everyone has experienced it at one point or another, an invitation to a birthday party from a person that you actually don’t know very well. Of course, you can’t arrive empty-handed and that’s why you start looking for the perfect gift. But do you also have such difficulty finding a suitable birthday gift for someone you may not know very well? A problem that we certainly know all about. Coming up with a gift for them isn’t that easy. We ask ourselves all the time: what should we give them? If you have no idea at all, we know for sure that we can help you out. 

Oh, and even if you do know this person quite well, then this list will still be very useful because all girls are happy with jewellery and accessories, aren’t they? Let that be our speciality! We have listed several of our favourite gifts below for you so that you no longer have to search. Read first, shop later!


What’s a better gift than a heart bracelet? It’s the perfect way to show someone that you care about her! And a heart symbol is general enough that anyone should like it! The bracelet is made of stainless steel so it stays beautiful forever. It’s available in both silver and gold. So the only thing left to do for you is to figure out which colour suits her best! 

Birthday gift - Bracelet heart

Ring V

This ring with a V shape is truly beautiful. The ring is available in four sizes, namely 16, 17, 18, and 19. This makes it a bit harder to give as a gift, but if you can figure her ring size out, it’s no problem at all. Be sure to do it subtly though! The ring is made of stainless steel so she doesn’t have to worry about the ring when she’s showering or washing her hands. 

Birthday gift - Ring V

Necklace with tiny bars

Everyone adores this subtle necklace full of tiny bars! Due to the classic bars, it’s something everyone will like! This item can perfectly be worn alone but it’s also a great addition to a necklace layer. And it can easily be combined with any outfit. So she can definitely wear it a lot!

Birthday gift - Necklace tiny bars


Cute, subtle earrings – that’s what perfectly describes these diamond earrings. A great addition to the stash of every girl! She can wear them alone, but also combine them with basically any other pair of earrings if she has multiple holes. The earrings have a click closure, which makes it really easy to put those earrings in and out. No messing around early in the morning or late at night. 

Birthday gift - Earrings minimalistic diamond


Do you still have no idea what to give her at all? Better safe than sorry with a gift card! Even though we certainly have something for every girl with so many jewellery and accessories items, we can imagine that it can be a tough choice. A perfect solution is to give her this gift card and let her choose her own gift. Just choose the amount you want to give. Success guaranteed!

Birthday gift - Gift card

So you definitely can show up with a thoughtful gift even if you don’t know this person very well. We hope you got some inspiration for your next birthday party gift. And don’t forget to enjoy the party! Cheers!

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