Share a heart bracelet with your loved ones to stay connected

Heart bracelets to share

Our heart bracelets to share are the perfect piece of jewellery to stay connected with your loved ones. Share it with your mom, daughter, best friend, sister, niece, aunt, or someone else dear to you. Especially in these crazy times, we can all use some extra love and want to stay close to each other. No better way to do this than with one of these bracelets! Every time you wear this bracelet you will think about each other.

We got the inspiration for these bracelets from the necklaces you used to share with your best friend as a child. A heart necklace that consisted of two half hearts that made one whole heart together or the well-known yin-yang sign that you wore together. Can you still remember?

Many people see jewellery that you match and share with your best friend as something childish, but in our opinion, that isn’t the case at all. Sharing a bracelet with your best friend, mom, or sister is never age-related. It’s all about true friendship and love for each other that you want to share and show with the world, and you’re never too old for that!

Shopping for a personal gift for someone else is always a difficult task. Your friends and family already have everything, right? Yeah. We know the feeling! It’s like playing the same song over and over again: it’s a really difficult situation every year, over and over. You want to come up with something new or surprising all the time, but sometimes you just run out of ideas. But friends and family before anyone else, right? So what’s a better gift than telling your loved one that you really admire them? You admire them so much that you want to wear them close to you, around your wrist. Day in, day out!

That’s why we designed a bracelet that you can share with any loved one. Due to its minimalistic design, the bracelet is perfect for any age and can easily be combined with any other jewellery items you’re wearing. Of course, the bracelet is made of stainless steel so you can wear it basically all the time!

How does it work? First, pick a bracelet for yourself and your loved one(s). You can choose from three variants (a closed heart, an open heart and two hearts that are connected). Secondly, choose the right size bracelet. You can choose between an adult and child size. Next, decide for each bracelet whether you want it in silver or gold. To make your gift even more fun, you can choose a card on which you get the bracelets delivered. You can choose between four different ones, namely “The love between a mother and a daughter is forever”, “There is no better friend than a sister”, “Life is better with friends”, and “Making memories with you is my favourite thing to do”. A maximum of four bracelets can fit on one card.

So you can mix and match the set in any way you want. No worries if you wear gold and your bestie wears silver or if you and your sister both prefer the closed heart. It’s totally up to you! This makes giving a present even more fun! With who are you going to share a set? And which combination are you going to choose?

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