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Promo girls wanted!

Do you want to choose free jewellery items? We’re looking for some promo girls to promote our jewellery line!

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How does it work?

You can choose the items yourself, so that you really get something you like! If we select you, we will discuss how many items you will receive. We aks for 2 photos per item.

Who can participate?

We’re looking for girls of all ages, of all nationalities, that are located all over the world. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram and whether or not you have experience with collaborations. It’s only important that the style of your photos matches our brand.


Make sure that your Instagram profile is public so that we can see what kind of photos you take. The photos you take for us can be flatlays or photos where you wear the jewellery. Your head doesn’t necessarily need to be on the photo, only if you want to. Also, you don’t have to post the photos yourself, of course you’re allowed to do so. 

Become a promo girl!

Some example photos

Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo
Promo girl example photo

Do you want this?

If you want to have a chance, you can register by filling in the form below!

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Just leave your details below and we will be in touch shortly.

Promo girl example photo

Still doubting?


When you become a promo girl, we will send you jewellery items for free. There are no hidden costs. We will never charge you to be a promo girl!

No strings attached 🙌

We will discuss the cooperation by e-mail and you aren’t obliged to anything until you agree by e-mail! Are you no longer interested? No problem. Then we will unsubscribe you without asking a reason.

Everyone can apply 😍

No matter how old you are, what your nationality is, wherever you live, how many followers you have, and whether or not you have experience with collaborations, you can apply! We give everyone a chance. The only condition is that you take nice photos that match our brand.

What our promo girls say about us

Kaylee – @kayleemocking

What is it like to be a promoter of the best jewellery brand in the Netherlands? Let me introduce myself first! My name is Kaylee Mocking and I’ve been busy on Instagram and my blog for a few years now. This is how Essentialistics and I came into contact with each other. I can tell you that the best collaborations I’ve had were with Essentialistics. The owner is incredibly sweet and encourages it when you show your creativity in your post.


As soon as a new collection is released, you as a promoter are expected to show the products as good and beautiful as possible, professionalism is of course very important. Since the start of the collaboration, I actually almost only wear jewellery from Essentialistics, the jewellery is all made with love and it shows. The quality is also great, normally I check with jewellery whether they are made of stainless steel. But I don’t have to think about this at Essentialistics since the entire collection consists of this material. This means that even with sleeping and showering, the jewellery stays beautiful. I’m very happy to be part of the Promoter team at Essentialistics and I can’t wait to do many more great projects together.

Promo girl review Gerith

Gerith – @gerith.devos

My name is Gerith and I’m a promoter/model for the brand Essentialistics. I have been doing this for a while now and I experience it as a pleasant and fun collaboration. When I’m asked to have photos taken for the new collection, I really look forward to this.

First of all, I think the Essentialistics jewellery line is very stylish, trendy and minimalistic. Personally, that style is completely my taste, so promoting and wearing the jewellery is no problem for me.

All in all, I’m very happy that I was chosen to model for this brand!

Laura – @lauradenboeft

Hi, my name is Laura and with great pleasure, I regularly promote the nice jewellery of Essentialistics. For a while now, I have been allowed to choose several jewellery items from the new collection, this is always a party! I always receive the chosen jewellery quickly and neatly packaged. Then I take several different photos, this can range from flat lays, close-ups or photos of myself wearing the jewellery, as long as the jewellery is clearly visible. If the photos are posted on the Essentialistics page, I will always be tagged. I therefore really like this collaboration, because it’s a win-win situation. You get good quality jewellery and Essentialistics has new content to inspire other girls. I’d say take advantage of it!