It’s World Animal Day today! Time to spoil your pet (and yourself)!

Animal print items

Many animal lovers put their pets in the spotlight today. Give your dog an extra bone or take him for a long walk. Give your cat a nice new toy (read cardboard box 😉) or an extra animal treat. Because today it’s World Animal Day. Let’s celebrate!

Animal Day has been celebrated in the Netherlands on October 4 since 1930. Did you know that this day isn’t a random choice? During an international Animal Protection Congress in Vienna in 1929, it was decided to declare the anniversary of Saint Francis of Assisi to be World Animal Day. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) founded the monastic order of the Franciscans in his time. According to the legends, Van Assisi preached not only to humans but also to animals and had many conversations with members of the “animal kingdom” (how great would it be if you could actually talk to your pet?). On October 4, people in several countries around the world can go to church with their animals to be blessed. Nowadays, Animal Day is no longer just a Christian celebration, but above all, an excellent day to give your pet a little bit of extra attention.

Of course, we can’t stay behind. That’s why today we’re happy to put animals in the spotlight – in our own way! Did you know that we have a special collection of animal print jewellery and accessories? From snake to leopard – we’ve got it all! There is a good reason to purchase one of these eye-catchers every day, but today you just have to, right?


According to Chinese astrology, the characteristics of a snake are: intelligent, mysterious, artistic, and a good sense of humour. Is that a perfect reflection of you? Then some snake items shouldn’t be missing in your stash! If you prefer a real statement item, the signet ring snake is a good choice for you! Do you like it a bit more subtle? Go then for the stud earrings with chain, and finish your look off with a snake printed hair accessory!

Snake items


A leopard is a real hunter and a fast and handsome animal. Besides, a leopard likes to be on its own and doesn’t often visit other leopards. Do you also perform best when you are alone? Then the items below might be something for you. You can go for a bangle with leopard print or our beaded leopard choker. You can also wear some leopard print in your hair. In whatever colour you like! We namely have 25+ hair accessories with a leopard print! 

Leopard items


The zebra is lively, powerful, and active all day long. Does that description fit you? A zebra is also very friendly and likes to live in a large group. Are you a real family person or the type of person who can’t live without friends? Then the zebra items are for you! And probably for your best friend as well! You can go for a beaded zebra choker or a scrunchie (with or without ribbon) with zebra print. And you can finish your look with a classy zebra bangle.

Zebra items

So don’t forget to spoil your pet and yourself today! And let us know, which of the descriptions above fits you best? The snake, leopard, or zebra?

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