It can’t get any better than stainless steel

It can’t get any better than stainless steel

It’s a frequently asked question: of what materials are the jewellery of Essentialistics made? We used to have a quite complicated answer to this question because the jewellery was made of different types of materials before. However, nowadays it’s easier for us – and therefore for you as well – because all our jewellery from our new collection on is made of stainless steel! Yes, that’s a good reason for a little celebration – because it doesn’t get any better than this!

Stainless steel has so many advantages. Let’s start with the best advantage of this material: it doesn’t discolour! You probably have had some beautiful jewellery items in your life that were discoloured in no time. Not even to mention the items that left a dark colour on your fingers and rings. Those problems belong to the past when you go for our jewellery! The jewellery can withstand the sun, the sand, and the sea! But since summer is almost over and we don’t have to worry about that for a while, another nice extra is that it isn’t necessary to remember to take off your jewellery in the shower or when you go to bed! No need to stress about that anymore! Another great advantage of this material is that it’s affordable, which makes our jewellery really well priced. Definitely a big plus for you as well!

Stainless steel was originally used for earrings, especially for freshly pierced ears. Stainless steel is a great material for this since it has an extremely low rate of allergic reactions. It’s hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for those people who have an allergy for other materials. However, it’s never 100% certain that you won’t be able to get an allergic reaction, but the chance with stainless steel is many times smaller than with other materials. And what’s also good to know, all our jewellery is nickel free. So even if you have a nickel allergy, you can wear our items safely!

Stainless steel is now seen as a modern and very stylish material. Jewellery made of stainless steel is very popular, especially because they look pretty expensive, but, as we already said, the price is actually really do-able! Another big pro is that stainless steel is harder than silver, so the jewellery can’t get scratched easily. Although a little caution can never hurt! It’s also a very light metal, so it’s easy and comfortable to wear. And besides all the good stuff we already told you, there is even more. Did you know that it’s the most environmentally-friendly metal option in the jewellery industry? It’s 100% recyclable and the energy that is used and wasted during the process is dramatically less than in other metals used for jewellery.

Although we can continue to mention the advantages of stainless steel for a while, we find it very important that you know which jewellery is and which is not made of stainless steel, since our old collection is also still available on our website. You can find of what materials the jewellery is made in the description of the item you would like to purchase. Oh, and by the way: our old collections are on sale now! You can shop these items with 25-50% off!

So from now on, all items we sell will be made of stainless steel. We just launched no less than 30 new pairs of fine earrings! Do you want to know more about that? Just read our blog about the new range of fine earrings here.

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