How to survive staying at home all the time during the Corona crisis

Staying at home

No drinks with your friends at your favourite bar, no shopping with your sister at that cute shop, and no movies with your boyfriend at the local cinema. That’s reality right now. Unfortunately, Corona is still part of our lives, and probably will be for a while. In the coming period, we all will spend most of our times at home. No matter how nice it is to go out every now and then, this isn’t going to happen for the time being. How are we going to survive staying at home? We listed three tips for you!

Get up – dress up!

Although it’s very tempting to walk around in your pyjamas all day every day now that you don’t have to go anywhere and no one sees you, this might not feel so good anymore if you do this week after week. We speak from experience! 😉 Especially if you have to work or study all day. Put your pyjama away for the chill days and get dressed, put on your make-up, and complete your look with your most beautiful jewellery items. You will notice that you immediately feel a lot better! 

Go outside and be happy

Do you sometimes feel trapped because you can hardly go anywhere? And barely see your friends? We know the struggle! So let’s call a friend and meet her for some exercise! Go running or biking. Does exercising sounds like a bit too much trouble? Then meet up with a friend for a walk (take the 1.5-meter distance rule in mind)! Even though you’re not sporting, the fresh air will make you feel better as well. Although you cannot go somewhere nice to drink hot chocolate or tea, you can do take away. This way you also support the locals. A win-win situation!

Together is a wonderful place to be

Doing something for someone else will always make you feel good. So think about what you can do to help another. We listed some ideas to help you get started!

  • Do the shopping for your grandmother for whom it’s better not to visit the supermarket for a while
  • Bring a bunch of flowers for your aunt to let her know you’re thinking about her
  • Let your best friend know that you miss her by sending her a charming bracelet with a personal message

This will make you feel good, for sure!

It’s a crazy time. We all hope that everything returns to normal soon. So we can go out again to shop, have drinks, and dinners. And of course, the most important part, meet and cuddle with our friends and family without worrying about infecting one another. How do you get through this strange time? Do you have any great tips you want to share? Let us know!

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