How to style long chain earrings to create a glamorous look for the holidays

Long chain earrings

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up. Time to start thinking about your party outfits. Although it’s going to be a bit different this year, you don’t want to look any less gorgeous. Therefore, a pair of long chain earrings shouldn’t be missing from your stash with the holidays ahead. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about these perfect earrings and how to style them.

Love it to the moon and all the stars

Our long chain earrings are available in no less than three variants, namely with a moon, star, and Northstar. Which makes them perfect for this time of the year! The chain of these earrings is 7.5 cm long and very thin. You can easily pull the chain through your ear to put them in. And you don’t feel this at all! You probably still remember those earrings from the past where this was such a painful task. Many of us have suffered a trauma from this, but don’t worry, with our earrings you won’t have this bad feeling! The long chain earrings are available in silver and gold, you buy them per pair, and they are – of course – made of stainless steel. But how can you style these cuties? Below we show you three ways!

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You can’t go wrong the classy way

Whether you only have one hole in your ear or several ones, these earrings are fun anyway! If you only have one hole pierced, these earrings give your look a classy touch. You can choose to hang the charm halfway or at the top or bottom. Just what you like best! And if you have several holes, it’s nice to combine this pair with several shorter earrings, such as one of the fine earrings with charm and a stud. And we have a pro mix and match tip just for you! Don’t play it safe by always wearing the long chain earring in your first hole, but go wild and wear it in the second or third one once in a while.

You can't go wrong the classy way

Double the fun

Another great idea if you have more than one hole pierced is to wear two long chain earrings on one side. You can go for a matching pair on one side (two stars, for example) or go for two different ones (a star and a moon, for example). And what to do with the other side? An asymmetric look is really on-trend, so a stud or a fine earring is a good match! Is asymmetric really not your thing? Go for another pair of long chain earrings, also a great idea!

Double the fun

Let’s go all the way

Did you know that you can wear the long chain earrings through multiple holes at the same time? Up to a maximum of 3! When you have several holes, this gives a great effect! If you want, you can add a small earring, such as a stud or a fine earring to complete the look. Although only the long chain earring itself is certainly enough!

Let's go all the way

What do you think of the long chain earrings? And how would you wear them? Share a photo with us!

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