How to rock your jewellery at the beach without getting it discoloured or damaged

Rock your jewellery at the beach

It’s summertime! With these hot temperatures, there is no better way to spend your day than at the beach! Alternate your day with sunbathing for a nice tan and a dip to cool off! Of course, you want to look fabulous on your day at the beach as well (hello, pretty guys! 😍). Your stylish bikini or bathing suit is the perfect start! To take your look to the next level, you want to mix and match it with some jewellery items! But we all know that water and sand aren’t the best for your jewellery. So should you take the risk for the perfect look or should you leave your jewellery safely at home? We have the perfect solution for you! Keep reading to know how you can rock your jewellery at the beach!

The sand scours and the water is salty, and those are circumstances that don’t work really well for your jewellery. Imagine wearing your expensive jewellery made of real silver or gold to the beach. The sand can damage your precious items by leaving scratches. Of course, we don’t want that to happen! Also, your items made of plated materials aren’t the best option. Plated items are made of metal with a layer of real silver or gold on top. As we all know, water and metal are definitely not the best friends so the layer of silver or gold that has been poured over your jewellery can wear out when it comes into contact with water. And if that isn’t already bad enough, the water will not only discolour the metal, but it can also make it porous, which can break your closure for example. So it’s better to avoid wearing your silver plated and gold plated jewellery when you go to the beach for a day as well.

Yet, we understand that you want to look fabulous. We believe that every outfit looks a bit nicer when you mix and match it with your favourite jewellery items. This is also true for your beach look. You can definitely take your bikini or bathing suit to the next level by adding a few nice chains, bracelets or earrings. Just do it your way! So to complete every fabulous look you just need jewellery, right?

Essentialistics to the rescue – again 😉 – because we have a collection of affordable jewellery of really great quality which you can even wear on beach days! Our items are made of stainless steel which can come into contact with water without discolouring! That’s just what we need for a day at the beach! Of course, you still need to be careful with the sand to avoid any scratches! But a scratch on an affordable piece of jewellery is by far not as bad as on your expensive item made of real silver or gold. Just try it yourself!

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