How to look fashionable with a facemask and make wearing one a bit more fun

Look with facemask

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we see them everywhere, say hello to the facemasks! Wearing a facemask becomes part of everyday life for almost everyone. Since this is the reality right now, we better make the most of it. Of course, you still want to look fashionable. Maybe you’ve had already enough of those standard blue and white hospital variants by now and are ready for a more stylish design that you can wear with a little more fun. Therefore, we designed a list with 3 styling tips for how you can look fashionable even with a facemask!

Pick a facemask that goes well with your outfit

There are masks available everywhere with all kinds of prints and in a wide variety of colours, but which one are you going to wear right now? Make sure you have several different variants so that you can choose a matching facemask with every outfit. Are you wearing a basic outfit? Then go for a facemask with a beautiful print. If your basic outfit doesn’t contain too much colour, you can even go for a print in a striking colour to really stand out. Are you wearing an outfit with a print? Then go for a plain facemask. Go for a neutral colour if your outfit already has a pop of colour. You can also pick a facemask with a print that matches your outfit. More than enough ways to look beautiful!  

What to do with your make-up?

You just stood in front of the mirror for hours to look absolutely gorgeous, and then most of your face is covered by your facemask. And if that isn’t already annoying enough, after a while, half of your beautiful look will be on the inside of your facemask! Horrible, right?! Fortunately, there are some simple tricks to do your make-up properly, even if you wear a facemask.

If you’re wearing foundation, opt for a light formula foundation, such as mineral powders or an oil-free foundation. These give off less. Besides, always apply a primer before starting with your foundation. This keeps your make-up better in place. Make sure that the primer absorbs well before you get started with your foundation. And finally: fixate! Secure your foundation with a finishing powder. For the rest of your look, make sure to focus on your eyes. Your eyes are still visible with a facemask on. For now, it’s better to leave your lipstick at home for a while.

Jewellery & accessories

You attach a facemask by placing the rubber bands behind your ears. Not only your make-up will be less visible because of this, but this is also the truth for your earrings. And that’s not all. Your earrings can also get in the way. Therefore, don’t go for statement earrings at the moment if you know that you’re going to wear a facemask. These keep sticking to the rubber band and that’s very annoying. Instead, go for a pair of studs or fine earrings with a charm. This way, you can at least wear your mouth mask without any problems.

Another tip to make wearing a facemask a bit more bearable is by matching it with a scrunchie. Choose a scrunchie that goes well with your facemask. By wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun, your earparty is also a bit more visible. So definitely a win-win situation!

Do you have any useful tips to make wearing a facemask a bit more fun? Share them with us in the comments below!

Stay safe, girl!

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