Together with a team, you can find me at several events, markets, and ladiesnights. At those events, you can admire and shop the jewellery and accessories in real life. My team and I are also attending some fairs where retailers can shop our items for their (web)shop. Here you can see an overview of the events we will be attending in the upcoming months.

Are you organizing an event and would you like it if the jewellery and accessories of Essentialistics can be shopped there? Feel free to send a message to or fill in the contact form.

Events, markets, and ladiesnights:

  • Swan Market in Den Bosch on November 8
  • Swan Market in Tilburg on December 13

Fairs (for retailers):

  • Trendz in Gorinchem on September 20, 21 & 22
  • ShowUP in Den Bosch on September 27 & 28

Don’t forget to put those dates in your agenda! I hope to see you there!

Essentialistics at Swan Market