Create a beautiful jewellery party with a personal touch with these 3 tips

Personal jewellery party

It’s probably not unknown to you that there is a huge range of jewellery. Even though there are a lot of choices, more and more girls are wearing the same (type of) jewellery. How unfortunate is that actually? For the girls who want to stand out, we have the solution! We believe that jewellery is personal, they tell a story, your story! Let your jewellery speak and therefore choose jewellery that makes it personal. And of course, we will keep in mind that the jewellery has to be pretty as well. But how do you make your jewellery party personal? Keep on reading to find out!

How to do it your way?

We believe that jewellery tells your story, and how to do it better than choosing a piece of jewellery that really suits you. Have you ever thought about choosing a piece of jewellery with your zodiac sign? Or maybe your year of birth or initial? At Essentialistics you are at the right place because we have several types of jewellery that contribute to telling your unique story.

1. When the years go by

As you grow older, your year of birth is a topic most people don’t like to talk about. Yet it’s a very special year, the year you came into the world! The year that the people around you got that special someone to love. Remember that the year you were born in is the year your life started, that is where everything started. So whenever it was, be thankful for it and celebrate it with a present to yourself. Celebrate it with a jewellery item with your year of birth and enjoy every moment! We bumped into this sweet poem and we would like to share it with you guys. Please remember! 

Year of birth jewellery

‘’Through the years, with laughter and tears, somehow, we managed to hold on. Even though there were rough times, we held fast, before it was gone. 

Nothing comes easy in life unless you happen to be born, with a silver spoon. We must learn to appreciate what we have, for it’s taken away, all too soon. 

There are wonderful memories to cherish. Look back, remember them all. There were days filled with sunshine, not rain. Days when we, had ourselves a ball. 

Whomever said, life is a bed of roses? Of course, we know that’s not always so. Whatever is supposed to be your fate, believe me, you will know. 

Just take each day as it comes, be happy, make the best of it. Don’t tie yourself into a knot. You have but only, one life to live, so give it all that you’ve got!’’ – Audrey Heller

2. It’s all in the name

There is nothing more special and personal than your name. Isn’t your name just the most beautiful sound in any language? It’s specially chosen for you by your parents. “You have your father’s lips and your mother’s eyes; they meet each other in your face.” How beautiful is this saying? 


Wear your personal story close to your heart to celebrate who you are. How nice is it to a jewellery item with the first letter of your name? That’s what we mean! Just tell everyone your story. Order your piece now, no more words needed.

Initial jewellery

3. Your inner you

Are you looking for a piece of jewellery that says something about your inner self? We will come to the rescue also right there because in that case, you could go for a jewellery item with your zodiac sign! Your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality, strengths, and weaknesses. So those items are another perfect addition to make it personal.

We recently wrote a blog about zodiac signs and what has changed. Have you read it already? Just go go go and read away! And don’t forget to order your favourite piece with your zodiac sign along the way!

Zodiac sign jewellery

To spice your personal jewellery party up, you can also go for the initial of your BFF, the year you and your lover started dating, or the zodiac sign of your child. Even more ways to make it YOUR personal jewellery party! How are you going to make it personal?

P.S. Of course, we have many items in our webshop with which you can create a personal jewellery party. Curious? Check it out by tapping the button below.

Make it personal collection

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