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Did you know that you can shop our bestselling earrings now of even better quality?

New minimalistic earrings of stainless steel

You probably are familiar with our fine earrings. And if you aren’t, then it’s time you find out about them! The most beautiful, minimalistic earrings we ever had in our collection. They were even the number one bestseller at our points of sale. Since our switch to stainless steel, we were busy fine-tuning these earrings even more. Of course, they were already great – if we say so ourselves – but it’s never too late to learn and improve. So that’s exactly what we did.

Our top 5 bestselling scrunchies that you want to have


The scrunchie is the on-trend item of the moment! Whether you wear one in your hair or just around your wrist. You just need to have one (or several ones ;)) in your stash! A scrunchie looks great with any hairstyle. Whether you have curls, slash or straight hair. It’s perfect for bad hair days or to spice your hairparty up a bit. We totally get it. We absolutely love this trend. At Essentialistics you will find a wide range of scrunchies for every season of the year. So there is a suitable scrunchie for everyone. Are you also in love with this trend?

3 types of scrunchies that every fashionable girl should have in her stash

Types of scrunchies

With this hair accessory, you’re completely on-trend! The scrunchies from the 90s are back, and better than ever! Never before were there so many different variants available. You see them in different kinds of fabrics, with various types of patterns, and in all colours of the rainbow. And you can wear them in even so many different ways. Wear it around your braid, tail, or just around your arm, everything is possible. And did you know that there are even different types of scrunchies? Time to tell your more about it!

How to wear a scrunchie? Check out these 7 beautiful hairstyles!

How to wear a scrunchie

Scrunchies used to be a hype back in the 90s, and now they’re loved by young and old again. The scrunchie has been an indispensable part of the street scene for some time now. You can shop them at basically every story or if you’re creative you can make them yourself. More than enough tutorials available online. Today they come in even more types and variations than before. But what hairstyles are perfect for a scrunchie? Below we will share 7 beautiful hairstyles with you!