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How to style long chain earrings for the holidays

Long chain earrings

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up. Time to start thinking about your party outfits. Although it’s going to be a bit different this year, you don’t want to look any less gorgeous. Therefore, a pair of long chain earrings shouldn’t be missing from your stash with the holidays ahead. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about these perfect earrings and how to style them.

How to look fashionable with a facemask? 3 styling tips!

How to look fashionable with a facemask

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we see them everywhere, say hello to the facemasks! Wearing a facemask becomes part of everyday life for almost everyone. Since this is the reality right now, we better make the most of it. Of course, you still want to look fashionable. Maybe you’ve had already enough of those standard blue and white hospital variants by now and are ready for a more stylish design that you can wear with a little more fun. Therefore, we designed a list with 3 styling tips for how you can look fashionable even with a facemask!

Rock your hairdo with these gorgeous scrunchies

Rock your hairdo with these gorgeous scrunchies

With this hair accessory, you’re completely on-trend! The scrunchies from the 90s are back, and better than ever! Never before were there so many different variants available. You see them in different kinds of fabrics, with various types of patterns, and in all colours of the rainbow. And you can wear them in even so many different ways. Wear it around your braid, tail, or just around your arm, everything is possible. Time to tell your more about our collection of scrunchies!

How to make your jewellery party personal? We listed 3 tips for you!

How to make your jewellery party personal

It’s probably not unknown to you that there is a huge range of jewellery. Even though there is a lot of choice, more and more girls are wearing the same (type of) jewellery. How unfortunate is that actually? For the girls who want to stand out, we have the solution! We believe that jewellery is personal, they tell a story, your story! Let your jewellery speak and therefore choose jewellery that makes it personal. And of course, we will keep in mind that the jewellery has to be pretty as well. But how do you make your jewellery party personal? Keep on reading to find out!

Summertime fine! 🌴☀️ How to rock your jewellery at the beach!

Rock your jewellery at the beach

It’s summertime! With these hot temperatures, there is no better way to spend your day than at the beach! Alternate your day with sunbathing for a nice tan and a dip to cool off! Of course, you want to look fabulous on your day at the beach as well (hello, pretty guys! 😍). Your stylish bikini or bathing suit is the perfect start! To take your look to the next level, you want to mix and match it with some jewellery items! But we all know that water and sand aren’t the best for your jewellery. So should you take the risk for the perfect look or should you leave them safely at home? We have the perfect solution for you! Keep reading to know how you can rock your jewellery at the beach!

These are the statement jewellery pieces you need to take with you on holiday 🙌

Holiday essentials

When packing for a summer holiday, we are always throwing a lot of clothes in our suitcase, even if they do not end up being worn during the whole trip. However we love to take a lot of clothes with us, we think it is a good thing to choose your jewellery more accurate. Are you going to take your wedding ring to your holiday location, for example? Or are you choosing wisely to remain it safe at home? We think these are the only jewellery items you will need on your summer holiday. Have fun reading and packing. Enjoy your holiday!