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Are you and your lover meant to be or a recipe for disaster based on your zodiac signs? Find out here!

Best matches based on zodiac signs

Being in love with that special someone is something everyone strives for. It’s talked about by almost everyone, at all times and in all social sections. One of the main reasons people read horoscopes is to learn more about their love life. So, it’s very natural to be curious about which zodiac sign combinations go well and which don’t. Find out if you and your lover are meant to be or a recipe for disaster.

Should I stop wearing jewellery during the Coronavirus outbreak?

The last few months, the whole world is captivated by the coronavirus. The virus can spread easily and to avoid this, various guidelines have been drawn up such as to avoid close contact with anyone that has a fever or cough, covering the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, and frequently washing your hands. However, the risks that jewellery brings along hasn’t been discussed that much. As a result, we get many emails and DMs from you guys asking if it’s safe to wear jewellery right now or if the virus can be spread through it. In this blog post, we will tell you if it’s better not to wear your jewellery for a while or if it doesn’t matter that much.