5 tips to enjoy your favourite jewellery pieces a lifetime

5 tips to enjoy your favourite jewellery pieces a lifetime

After your search for the perfect piece of jewellery, you have finally found your favourite one! Of course, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. That’s why you want to prevent discolouration, dullness, and any damages. Because we know how you should take care of your jewellery better than anyone – and thus really enjoy your jewellery a lifetime – we’re happy to share several tips with you!

Since our new collection – and any other collection that we will be launching in the future – is made of stainless steel, you don’t need to worry about any discolouration when you wear our items. Although the items don’t discolour, other reasons can cause your jewellery to look different over time. The items can get dull or get damaged. You want to prevent this too, of course! With the help of the 5 tips listed below, you’ll know how you can enjoy your favourite items forever.

  1. Jewellery items can become dull if they come into contact with water, moisture or perspiration. You don’t have to take off your jewellery all the time when you exercise, sleep or shower, but if you want your jewellery to remain the best version of itself: then you should take it off as much as you can anyway. Also good to know, never store your jewellery in damp places such as the bathroom.
  2. Your jewellery can also become dull if it comes into contact with perfume, body lotion, hair spray, or sunscreen. They can leave a layer on your jewellery over time, causing the jewellery to lose its shine. Therefore, always let these substances withdraw before you put your jewellery on. This can also happen if you wear a jewellery item really often. When you have bought new jewellery, you naturally want to wear and enjoy them as much as possible. Unfortunately, this also means that because you enjoy them so much and wear them a lot, they can sometimes get a little dull over time. But don’t worry! There are some simple and easy solutions to make your jewellery shine as before. No special polishes are required to polish stainless steel jewellery! You can easily clean them with a combination of green soap and lukewarm water. Please note that the soap doesn’t contain chlorine. The big advantage of steel jewellery is that the jewellery will not discolour, but you can make your jewellery shine a little more by polishing!
  3. Don’t wear your jewellery during intensive work. If you’re going to do something that involves a lot of work with your hands, such as moving to a new house or digging the garden, don’t wear jewellery. This way you prevent unnecessary damage and scratches on your favourite jewellery pieces.
  4. Your jewellery items can also become darker due to the air itself. Not wearing a certain item? Then store it in a dark place. Preferably in a bag or box that prevents the air from entering. This way your jewellery items remain the best quality and you can enjoy them super long!
  5. To prevent any damages to your favourite pieces, it’s wise to store them separately from one another. So, use a separate bag or box for every item. This way, the jewellery can’t damage each other and you also prevent chains from getting tangled up with each other. In that way, you’re not only avoiding damages, but also a lot of frustration! It’s also recommended to always attach your jewellery items, such as a necklace before you store it. This prevents scratches and it also prevents that the jewellery gets tangled up with itself.

We hope that our tips for taking the best care of your jewellery will help you. This way you can enjoy your jewellery for a lifetime! Were there any things among the tips that you secretly do? Or do you perhaps have another great tip? Share it with us in the comments!

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