5 jewellery items that make the perfect Christmas gift

The perfect Christmas gift

The holidays are getting closer. Only a bit more than a month before the most wonderful time of the year starts again. Time to put together your wishlist or start the search for the perfect gift for a loved one. Of course, we are more than happy to help you with this. Below you can find a list of the 5 jewellery items that make the perfect Christmas gift for her! And good to know, all these jewellery items are very well priced!

Jewellery is a popular gift during Christmas time. Because how great is it to get a piece of jewellery during the holidays? With a piece of jewellery, you don’t just give a loved one a beautiful item, but also a lasting memory that celebrates your special bond together.

A lovely bracelet

There is nothing more perfect and personal to give than a heart bracelet on a matching card. For this bracelet, you can choose from 3 different variants, and each of these bracelets is available in silver and gold. The bracelets are all made of stainless steel, so they don’t discolour. For the card, you can choose from 4 variants, so there is certainly a text that describes your bond perfectly. Have a hard time choosing? Go for this bracelet with two hearts that are connected! That’s always a good idea. And you can buy this gift for only €12.95, including the card. 

Christmas gift - a lovely bracelet

A subtle necklace

Go for a subtle necklace that goes with any outfit as a Christmas gift. Which woman doesn’t like that? The small charms on this necklace give it a graceful look. You can choose from 8 variants, so there is certainly a necklace that suits her perfectly. Not sure which symbol she will like the most? Go for this one with little circles, it fits with everything, for sure! This necklace is also made of stainless steel and available in both silver and gold. The item costs only €16.95. Again, such a great price! 

Christmas gift - a subtle necklace

A cute ring

A cute ring with a heart to show her how much you love her. Because the ring is so subtle, she can easily wear it with her other rings. The ring is made of stainless steel so she can even wash her hands without taking it off. Very important during these times where we wash our hands so often every day. Available in silver and gold and costs just €14.95. 

Christmas gift - a cute ring

A classy pair of earrings

With a pair of classic earrings, you make every woman happy. That’s why these bar earrings are a great gift. Whether she often wears several earrings at the same time or not, these earrings are suitable for both options. And because of their classic look, they match with any outfit. From neat to festive and from chill to work. Always a good fit! The price of these cuties is €12.95 per pair. 

A sparkling scrunchie

It’s a gift for the holidays so the item can absolutely look festive. That’s why this glitter scrunchie is perfect! Because of the dark golden colour, this scrunchie also goes with any outfit, so she can wear it regularly anyway! If you were not convinced yet, then the price will certainly win you over, because this scrunchie costs only €4.95. Real va-va-voom for every outfit! 

Christmas gift - a sparkling scrunchie

All our items are already wrapped as a gift, but for the holidays you can do a little extra. Therefore, don’t forget to check our different gift packages. We have various cards, beautiful velvet bags, and gorgeous jewellery boxes. This makes it even more fun to give and receive a piece of jewellery as a present.

Check the gift packages

If you want to add a personal note for your loved one, we will add a card for free and write your message by hand on it! Leave your note in the comments field during checkout, and we will take care of the rest.

What gift are you going to give her for the holidays?

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