3 ways how to make Christmas gift-giving fun

Christmas gift-giving fun

Christmas is not complete without some presents! But how are you going to give those presents to a loved one? You can do this in different ways. You can simply give each other something, draw names and give the person you draw a gift, or you can even turn the gift-giving into a whole game. Below we tell you more about each option. Are you reading along?

Buy everyone a gift

One way to celebrate Christmas is by giving everyone who comes to the Christmas party a gift. In that case, you only have to agree for which amount you’re going to buy gifts. Anyone can submit a wish list, but you can also agree that it should be a total surprise. Do whatever you like!

Draw names

The previous way can be a lot of work if you’re meeting up with a large group. That’s why it can be a better idea to draw names. Write each name on a piece of paper, put them all in a jar, and draw one by a one a name from the jar. Did someone draw his/her name? Then all names must go back into the jar and this process should be repeated till everyone has someone else’s name. Because it’s no fun to buy your own Christmas present! Then the only things left to do are agreeing on the amount you’re going to spend and sharing wishlists. 

Play a game

You can also turn the gift-giving into a game! Let everyone buy 2-3 gifts of a few euros each. Please note, the gifts must be suitable for everyone! When it’s Christmas, you place all the presents in a pile. Then it’s time to play for the gifts. What do you need for this? A dice and one assignment for each number of eyes a player rolls. More about this in a minute. The game consists of two rounds, each lasting about fifteen minutes. During the first round, you play for the still wrapped presents and at the end of this round, all presents will be unwrapped. So what are the rules for round 1?

  • 1 eye: take a present form the stack but don’t unwrap it
  • 2 eyes: take a present from the stack and give it to the person who has the least amount of presents. Don’t unwrap the present.
  • 3 eyes: everyone passes a present to the person on his/her right
  • 4 eyes: give one of your presents to a person of choice
  • 5 eyes: unwrap a present (if you have one)
  • 6 eyes: let someone else unwrap a present

Now all the gifts are unwrapped and it’s time for round 2. During the second round of the Christmas dice game, the presents are going to rotate and eventually get an owner. So what are the rules for the second round?

  • 1 eye: take away a gift that you like from another player
  • 2 eyes: leave your presents and move a chair up to the right
  • 3 eyes: leave your presents and move a chair up to the left
  • 4 eyes: give one of your presents to someone else
  • 5 eyes: give one of your presents to the person who has the least amount of presents
  • 6 eyes: exchange one of your presents for a present of someone else

In the end, everyone will have some nice presents!

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How are you going to give gifts with your family and/or friends this Christmas?

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