10 jewellery trends you loved in the 90s (and maybe still love today)!

Born in the 90's

Are you born in the 90’s? And did you already love jewellery back then? So much that you faithfully followed all the trends? Time to look back at the trends we’ve seen come and go in the 90’s. Although we believe it’s a good thing that most of these trends belong already to the past for a while, we can’t deny that it’s great to see them again (and pssst, secretly love them all a little). Oh, the nostalgia! We all used to wear these 10 jewellery items!

1. Best friends forever

Do you remember the time when you shared a heart necklace with your bestie? Who didn’t have half a heart hanging around their neck? Or two. Or three. You could even have five best friends. With a best friend necklace, your friendship was really forever!

Best friend forever necklace

2. Mood swings (uh, rings!)

Do you remember the mood ring? As the name suggests, you could gauge your mood – if you were not quite sure yourself. Were you happy? Sad? Or maybe in love? Or were you just hungry? One look at this ring and you knew it. A disadvantage, your fingers turned completely green from these rings.

Mood rings

3 Play the game

All-day long, slap the bracelet around your wrist, take it off, and do it again. And in between, you occasionally hit the arm of your classmates unexpectedly. Oh, you were so funny! Who hasn’t done it?

Slap on bracelet

4. Link one to another

Or how about the link bracelet for which you saved for months (read: years)? It was super easy to come up with birthday gifts for friends. After all, everyone had such a beautiful bracelet. And you too got a few new links every birthday.

Nomination bracelet

5. Forever around your neck

You saw everyone walking around with one: the tattoo choker. With this item around your neck, you felt so cool. You just had to have a tattoo choker. And the matching bracelet and ring – of course.

Tattoo choker

6. Sweet little animal

Whether it was a ring, a necklace or a pair of earrings: every child had at least one piece of jewellery with ladybugs. These items were too cute, right?

Ladybug earrings

7. The bigger, the better

That was the motto with these hoop earrings. The annoying part, you regularly got stuck to something. But hey, everything to look fashionable! These hoops were really indispensable for your school party outfit.

Big hoops

8. With love, your best friend

Self-knotted with a lot of love. Who didn’t make them in all kinds of colours and patterns? And of course, you also made them for friends and got some nice ones from them as well. In any case, we had something to do all holiday long.

Friendship bracelets

9. Plastic fantastic

Your whole arm was covered with these bracelets. You had them in all colours of the rainbow, with and without glitter. Although you definitely stole the show with the glitter variants.

Rubber bangle

10. Comfort first? Hell no!

You did make these bracelets yourself with a lot of safety pins and beads in your favourite colours. We didn’t really care that they were not comfortable to wear at all. They just looked so nice!

Safety pin bracelet

Which of these trends can you remember? And which of these trends did you follow? List the numbers below!

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