10 affordable jewellery Christmas gifts that are the perfect present

Christmas gifts for her

Are you still looking for a little present to give your loved one for Christmas? Or are you still looking for an affordable item that you can put on your wishlist? Then you’ve come to the right place! To make it easy for you, we listed 10 affordable jewellery Christmas gifts that are the perfect present. All items on this list cost less than €25!

A bangle

Let’s start with the most expensive item on this list, a bangle. With a price of €24.99, they are just under €25. The bangles are the ideal gift because they’re timeless and they’re available with all kinds of patterns, texts, and prints. You can go for a plain one, one with a cute little symbol, one with text or one with animal print. More than enough choice!

Gift - A bangle

A glitter scrunchie

Although every scrunchie is a great gift, the glitter scrunchie is perfect for Christmas. It’s a real eye-catcher, whether you wear it around your wrist or in your hair. The glitter scrunchie is available in 3 colours, namely black, gold, and silver. And with a price of only €4.95, it’s also the most affordable gift on this list!

Gift - A glitter scrunchie

A pair long chain earrings

Whether you wear them with a few other earrings or alone, with the long chain earrings you immediately create an awesome look. And you can wear them through several holes at the same time, how cool is that? They come in three variants, namely with a star, Northstar, and moon. The price of a pair of these cuties is €14.99.

Gift - A pair of long chain earrings

A chain bracelet

Who doesn’t love a classic bracelet? One of our basic bracelets is always a good idea. Due to the minimalistic and timeless look of these bracelets, they can easily be combined with other bracelets and bangles (or with each other). It’s great for a Christmas party (yes, even one at home)! Just decide between silver and gold. Price per bracelet: €16.95.

Gift - A chain bracelet

A pair of hoops

Of course, they couldn’t be missing from this list, the minimalistic hoops. With these earrings, you’ll certainly shine on the Christmas drinks of your work, even though it’s probably just via Skype or Zoom this year! With these hoops, no other earrings are needed. And they come in so many different variants! From round to oval and from plain to patterns. And the price? A pair of hoops costs only €19.95.

Gift - A pair of hoops

A velvet hairband

Items made of velvet fabric are still trendy and also great to wear because this fabric feels so nice and soft. Also, a hairband made of this fabric is so warm during these cold days. So it’s both a functional and a fashionable gift! This hairband is available in black and grey. Because of the neutral colours, this hairband is easy to match with any outfit. Price: €12.50.

Gift - A velvet hairband

A necklace with tiny charms

The perfect addition to any outfit: a subtle necklace with tiny charms! It’s available in no less than 8 different variants. You can go for circles, bars, dots, triangles, stars, Northstars, moons, or hearts. And you can easily mix and match these necklaces with some longer necklaces. Just as the initial necklace that we also listed on this list! The price of a necklace with tiny charms is €16.95.

Gift - A necklace with tiny charms

A basic ring

There should also be a ring on the list, of course. Your outfit is just not complete without one! You probably already wear a lot of jewellery items with your Christmas outfit, so a subtle ring is enough. One of our basic collection is just perfect for this. And if you want something extra, you can combine it with a few more subtle rings! Price per ring: €14.95.

Gift - A basic ring

An initial necklace

You spot jewellery items with initials at the moment everywhere, and also this winter you’ll see them again. Not only is the price of this necklace great, but you can also combine it endlessly with other necklaces. The only decision left is whose initial you’re going to wear around your neck. Your initial or the one of that special someone? Price: €16.95.

Gift - An initial necklace

A scrunchie with ribbon

And finally, another hair accessory on this list, namely the plain scrunchie with ribbon. These plain scrunchies with bow are the perfect finishing touch for your Christmas outfit. The black and red versions in particular! These colours fit perfectly with this time of the year! Also available in 5 other colours. And this hair accessory is really affordable as well, the price is just €6.95 per piece.

Gift - A scrunchie with ribbon

These gifts are perfect if you have a small budget! Which of these little presents are you going to give to a loved one? Or which of these items are you going to add to your wishlist?

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